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Bar Service in Ottawa: The Secret to Your Dream Party

Planning and holding an event or a party can get really stressful. You have to decide the venue and menu. You also have to arrange decorations and entertainment. Even with these major sub-themes, the devil is in the details. There is one element of a party or a large event that can make or break it. Guess what? An underperforming bar service in Ottawa can back up lines, run out of supplies, or restrict guests. That’s why so many Canadians are turning to mobile bar rental businesses like YD Fiesta to upgrade their events and take the hassle out of the bar. 

Unmatched Flexibility and Convenience 

Since their portable bars can be set up almost anywhere, be it your backyard, your park, an office, a banquet hall, or anywhere else, a hired mobile bar company can save you a lot of time and effort. You don’t have to worry about the venue, as it can be set in any venue you desire. If you want to move the bar around, no problem—bring that mobile bar trailer with you to where your party is.

Combined with their selection of stylish and modern bar designs, your bar setup could match the theme and look you are going for. Whether you want it to be modern and sophisticated, rustic and casual, or something in between, they have bar options that could fit into the kind of aesthetic you are going for. In addition, they also fully stock their bars with everything you will need, from glassware to coolers and other bar equipment and tools.

Stellar Service from Experienced Professionals

When you hire a bar service in Ottawa from YD Fiesta, you’ll be dealing with a reliable company managed by a team of professional bartenders, rather than just renting bar equipment. All of our experienced bartenders come from a hospitality background and are trained to pick up on the mood of your event, to keep things flowing and moving, and most importantly, to serve you and your guests with a big smile.

Gone are the days of having to recruit friends and family to work the bar. YD Fiesta’s servers will be there before your guests arrive, set up and ready to provide your event’s bar service, and will stick around to take care of the tear-down when it’s time to end the party. They’ll do it with a smile, and make sure your guests’ cups never run dry and that everyone is having the time of their lives.

Customized Beverage Packages to Suit Your Needs

No two events are alike, and YD Fiesta can offer completely customizable beverage packages to fit your needs and wants. Do you want to offer beer, wine, and smiles? No problem! Maybe you want to serve a full complement of cocktails and premium liquors. YD Fiesta can accommodate, bringing along a bartender to handle that. You can work with their team of service professionals to carefully select the beers, wines, and spirits brands, or alternatively, you can allow YD Fiesta liquor selection experts to do just that for you.

Locally owned, YD Fiesta contracts with regional suppliers and local liquor stores in order to secure the best pricing and value on beverage orders. And they will make sure that you have the right quantity of alcohol—neither too much nor too little—if you need help figuring out how much you need for the number of guests you’ll be having.

The Safe Choice for Your Event 

The biggest benefit of having a mobile bar company onboard might even be peace of mind. A mobile bar service is fully licensed, insured, and regulated, which means you can be sure that all the correct liquor laws and regulations are being taken care of. That is why YD Fiesta’s bartenders are seasoned professionals.

You won’t have to worry about overserving or liability issues. They will control the volume being consumed and not serve alcoholic beverages to underage guests. By having the bar service performed by YD Fiesta, you can worry less about the safety and legal concerns of your bar and simply enjoy your event. 

Budget-Friendly Quality Service

It can be shocking for people to discover that hiring a mobile bar for an event, even if it is to serve hundreds or thousands of guests, can often be less expensive than attempting the project yourself. Including renting or purchasing your own glassware, coolers, bar tools, alcohol, ice, mixers, garnishes, licensing, insurance, and more, the costs also escalate rather quickly.

Their bar packages are not one-size-fits-all. They provide all the bar stuff you need and offer a first-time price guarantee that eliminates the fear of costing more than you thought. So, your budget should be free from financial anxieties if you make the smartest choice possible for your upcoming fiesta. Call YD Fiesta now to learn about its bar service in Ottawa!

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