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Inflatable Rental in Ottawa: The Secrets of a Successful Bounce House Party

Are you looking for an inflatable rental in Ottawa? No matter whether you rent a bounce house for a family party at home or a large event, someone must supervise it. Compatible supervision and compliance with the prevailing standards to safely bounce people are the minimum requirements to reduce problems. 

Proper installation is a must. This means that the inflatable is securely installed in a location free of fences, trees, or powerlines. Make sure that the bounce house is either staked down at each stake-down point or that there are fifty-pound sandbags on each stake down point to secure the bounce house so it doesn’t blow away. 

How does this have anything to do with supervision? You may be in charge of watching an inflatable. This means that you need it to be in the same location when you were put in charge of it that it was when you started. If a bounce house flies away, it is not safe! An adult must be present at all times to actively watch the children in the bounce house. 

Are you searching for an inflatable rental in Ottawa? You are not allowed to play on your phone or have long conversations with other adults while children play in the inflatable. You must ensure it is never overcrowded. This means that the total number of people in the inflatable must not be more than what is recommended at any given time. 

Understanding End-User Safety When Hosting an Inflatable-Themed Party

There will be five or six children. The number of children in the bounce house at any given time is based on its size and the number of children present inside. The bounce house company should supply the standard operating rulebook that tells you how many children at what ages can be in the bounce house. Another rule is that only children of the same size should be on the inside at the same time. 

Do not let large- and small-sized children enter your bounce house because the latter kind will be injured. Greet both with a set of rules and have these be communicated clearly and verbally to all of the attendees. Have an adult stand in front of the bounce house to constantly be verbally communicating rules as they enter your bounce house. 

Do not allow any children to use the bounce house when no adult is available to enforce the rules. Make sure no shoes or sharp articles enter your bounce house. Ask them to leave immediately as soon as it starts raining or when the wind speed is over 25 kilometres per hour. Unplug the motor extension from the wall outlet and do not switch it on and off repeatedly since doing so is likely to hurt children.

The first thing to do if your bounce house starts deflating is to remove all children immediately. You can try to find out if the bounce house lost power only after the very last child was removed. Call us now to learn more about inflatable rental in Ottawa by YD Fiesta!

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